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Solar Consulting Inc. – Case Study

Lead to Appointment ratio

A quality solar lead is exclusive, has over 650 credit, is a homeowner, and open to an appointment. 

If a lead doesn’t convert into an appointment, then none of this matters. We are happy to say that with total leads generated, Z4 Solar has helped Solar Consulting Inc. turn over 28% of leads into appointments! The average for solar Facebook leads is roughly 10%.


Project summary

Solar Consulting Inc. needed a solid online strategy to bring in consistent leads every month to grow the business and drop cost per acquisition. Before working with Z4 Solar, they were relying on a call center doing cold calls. 

The Strategy

Run Facebook ad campaigns in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island markets. Use long form ad copy to educate homeowners on the benefits of going solar. Generate interest to drive clicks and homeowners filling out their information. Followed with an automated follow up system to increase lead to appointment ratio. 


  • Create compelling ad copy
  • Generate interest in solar
  • Solar Consulting Inc. provides amazing offer to go solar.
  • Agressive follow up in order to drive more appointments for each lead generated.
  • Track metrics and make sure appointments are being closed.

Proven Results

Z4 Solar has been working with Solar Consulting Inc. for 6 months and are proud to say for the ad budget we have provided them ample leads that have converted into appointments. They amount Solar consulting Inc. has closed has resulted in a 10x ROI. ( Total revenue from closed deals>total marketing budget).


Click Through Rate


Lead to Appointment

Total Leads


Cost Per Acquisition

Let's Work Together!

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