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Simply Green Solar – Case Study


Steve, owner of Simply Green Solar, has seen a 10x ROI in 2020.

We started working with Steve and his team in August of 2019. At that point he had a team of 6 door knockers that were pulling ~10 deals a month. Steve was knocking with his team and wanted a way of generating quality leads so he can remove himself from the trenches and spend more time with his family. 

Fast forward to May 2020 and Steve is almost there! In the last few months Steve has seen ~10x ROI with Z4 Solar. That means after our feees and adspend, the revenue he made from closed deals was 10 times more than his marketing spend!

Project summary

Develop an online paid strategy to bring in consistent, excusive, qualified solar leads every month so Steve and his team can shift from old “D2D” tactics and move to closing online and virtual appointments. 

The Strategy

A solid paid social campaign starts at the top of the funnel. The Ad copy, or capturing the attention of your ideal homeowner. Having good solar ad copy is difficult because each state has different solar incentives, views, and more. Once we test amazing copy, pictures, videos, headlines, emojis, and more, we then have developed a system that funnels the lead into a “solar crm” where the leads are followed up with automatically via text, email, and voicemail drop. The homeowner then has the option to do a live transfer, or book a call with the client’s solar sales rep to then either set a virtual or in person appointment. Once that appointment is set, the rep does what they do best. CLOSE!


  • No more chasing down tire kicker leads.
  • No more Door to door.
  • More time in the home or on a virtual presentation.
  • Less time spent recruiting top door knockers in the state.
  • Metrics and data to track the ROI of your marketing investment.

Proven Results

Beyond the screen shots of results, we have video testimonials of our clients describing their experience of working with Z4 Solar! Most residential solar companies are in a similar position (need more leads, need a proven system, etc) and what we do for our clients we can also do for you. 

Monthly Leads Generated


Lead to Appointment Ratio

Times Return on Investement


Reduction in time spent prospecting


Video Testimonial coming soon!

Steve Herbst

Owner, Simply Green Solar

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