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Service Tiers

Whether you own a solar business and need a system that drives more business or a consultant who simply needs more leads every month, we’ve got you covered.  

Our Services

We run paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to drive exclusive, consistent, and credit qualified leads directly to you and your reps that result in more appointments and more KW’s.


We utilize the 4 major platforms to drive quality solar leads directly to you and your team. Our goal at Z4 Solar is to keep a consistent flow of new customers to maintain and grow your business.


Most marketing companies generate leads, throw them into an excel sheet, email them to you and say “good luck!”

We go above and beyond that with an in house lead automation machine that sends automated texts, emails, voicemail drops, and conducts live transfers. 

What this does is drastically improve lead to appointment ratio!


We make ourselves available to you at all times. We want to be there to answer any questions you and your team have while also ensuring outstanding results everyday.

Web Design

Beautiful solar websites with the customer in mind. You will get plentiful inbound inquiries from this site.

Branding + PR

We will help you with branding because there are tens of thousands of solar companies in America that all look and sound the same. In order to establish yourself as a dominate solar comany and crush your competiton, we will help you with branding and PR. That means having articles published about your story in major solar publications and more. 

Develop & Integration

Driving revenue, ranking on Google, and ultimately the homeowners going to YOU instead of you finding them.

We utlize many different systems and automations that have come together in house to make our service a seamless and fun experience. We empower the closers to do just that. Close. Not chase tirekicker leads, knock doors, or rely on old and outdated marketing methods.

Answers to Your Questions

How much does your service cost?

It depends on which service you want, what your goals are, and how big you’re looking to scale. If you’re at 50 installs a month and want to 5x to 250 a month, that will require a lot more media spend ($ to Facebook/Google) than if you’re a solar consultant looking to go from 5 to 10 installs a month. Let’s chat.

How quickly will I see an ROI?

We feel your ROI based on marketing spend is the most important metric to track. (That and your CPA).

How fast you see an ROI depends on a few factors like which platform we’re running ads on, how well you or your reps handle the leads, and what their closing percentage is on appointments.

We have some clients who close deals within their first week. For example, Alex Rey (see testimonial) closed 4 deals his first week after we launched his YouTube campaign.

We have other clients who are newer reps and take 1-2 months to see an ROI because they’re still learning how to sell solar effectively.

Do you sell leads? Do you sell appointments?

No. We are a marketing partner, NOT a lead vendor.

Each of our clients has their own ad account. Within each ad account, we create marketing material relevant and specific to your company, your brand, your offer, and overall your competitive differentiators.

With that said, when these leads come in you know that they will be exclusive, credit qualified, and and unique to you.

What’s the difference between advertising on Facebook & Google?

Great question!

Facebook, which owns Instagram, is known as “disruptive marketing” or “passive user intent”. Think about the times you’ve been on these platforms– you log on, you scroll your feed, then you see an ad. In our case, these homeowners see an ad for solar. They were possibly not thinking about going solar before they saw your ad, therefore when you and your team connect with them it will be important to educate the lead about the benefits of going solar and convincing them to do a demonstration. 

Google, which owns YouTube, is known to have active user intent. These are people searching for keywords on Google like “solar savings near me”, “best solar in <city>”, and “how do I go solar?”. Based on these keywords, we will then target them with ads and provide you with this leads information. The conversation with these leads is much different–there is intent behind these leads, they’re typically closer to making a purchase.

What about SEO? Is that worth investing in?

YES. SEO is always worth investing in.  

One of the many great benefits of SEO is that SEO is another form of lead gen. SEO drives traffic to your Website, Google my Business, and other organic citations which result in additional leads. 

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