Case Studies & Testimonials

Check out some of the awesome work we’ve done for other solar companies in a similar situation as you!


Case Studies

Check out some case studies below.


Simply Green Solar, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had very little online presence before working with us. They had a small door to door team and relied on that as well as referrals. They wanted to not only grow in that market but also expand into the Texas market, where they had even less exposure. They needed a solid digital marketing strategy to bring them online and generate quality solar leads.



Complete Solar Pros, based in Phoenix, AZ, had very little online presence before working with us. They had a medium sized door to door team and relied on referrals and buying leads from Freedom Forever. This combined effort wasn’t growing the business at the rate at which they wanted to grow.


They wanted a digital presence as well as exclusive, qualified inbound leads. Their goal is to expand into new markets using our paid social advertisement strategies and to ultimately take their business to the next level.


Solar Consulting Inc. was doing decent for themselves but wanted to grow the company going into 2020. They started in 2015 and have an amazing team as well as a call center that was doing cold calling. They needed a consistent flow of quality leads generated online.



Smart Energy Today already had a good online presence. They work in many different states, have a large sales team, a call center, and more. Their California operation was severely lacking and previously was only able to generate Facebook leads around $150. We were able to drop this more than 10x in the first week. Read more…


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