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In the past, marketing products and services was simple. You ran television or radio ads, and you probably invested in a billboard.

However, the times have changed, and marketing solar services isn’t as straightforward. Today, social media is an excellent marketing tool, but you have to know how to use it.

So how do you even use social media to market your solar services?

Tips for Marketing Solar Services

Marketing solar services can be difficult, but it’s not any harder than marketing other products and services. Social media can be a great way to connect with your current and potential customers.

When you use it correctly, you can take advantage of the benefits of social media marketing. For one, you can get started for free.

Also, marketing with Facebook and other social media platforms means that you can reach your customers more easily. You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to be successful when marketing different types of solar products.

Consider these tips for starting or improving your social media marketing strategy.

1. Share Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to convince people to buy something is to share the experiences of people who have the product. If you have a current base of customers, you can ask for reviews and testimonials.

Of course, you can share written out customer reviews from your website. However, if customers have photos and videos to share, that will be even better.

Seeing a photo or a video of a solar panel in action is more interesting than hearing about it. So some people who see those photos and videos might be more interested in buying your product.

Even if you only have a couple of reviews, sharing them on your social media pages can show potential customers that people like your products. And a review might just convince someone to buy when they were otherwise on the fence about it.

2. Post Demonstrations

Another great way to build hype for different types of solar products is to post demonstrations on social media. Whether you offer solar panels or some other product, film a video of you or someone from the company demonstrating what you offer.

If a customer can watch a video about installing your product, they might realize that it’s not as hard as they thought.

You could also demonstrate how the product works, or you can suggest a few places for people to use the product.

The more you can educate people on how everything works, the more likely they will want to buy. After all, if they know more, they will be able to decide if the product is right for them.

3. Start a Blog

You can also start a blog and share links to blog posts on your social media. When marketing with Facebook, you should keep your posts fresh. The last thing customers want to see is the same link to the same old product.

If you post to your blog every week or two, you can share the link to your latest blog post. As you build up an archive of articles, you can rotate through them each week.

You can use the blog posts to answer common questions that customers have about your business or product. Also, it would be a great place to round up any product demonstrations that you have.

4. Use Social Media Ads

While marketing solar services on social media can be free, you can invest a little into paid advertising. You can create ads for specific products or sales that you’re offering.

Depending on the social media network, you can choose to target certain age groups, locations, and other demographics. Then, you can make sure the people who see your ad are potential customers.

Advertising with Instagram and other platforms can be confusing at first, so take it slowly. You don’t have to run an ad campaign as soon as you start social media marketing.

However, it can come in handy when you find that regular social media posts don’t do enough.

5. Be Where Your Customers Are

Marketing solar services well requires that you focus your marketing efforts correctly. To do this, you should focus on one or two social media networks that your customers use.

It may take some experimenting to find which social network is the best for you. But once you figure it out, you can focus on that one specific site.

Using the right social network will make communicating with customers easier since they’re right there. You don’t have to worry about emailing them or getting them to your website.

6. Be Consistent

Once you determine which social media network is the best for you, you should be consistent. Being consistent means posting on a regular schedule and spacing out your posts.

You can use a social media scheduling tool so your posts go out at the same time. However, you can write all of the posts in one sitting.

The more consistent you are, the more your customers will be able to expect to see your posts. Then, you can use your social media for marketing solar services as efficiently as possible.

7. Track Your Analytics

As you start to use social media marketing, you should track how well your posts perform. You can do this in your analytics page on your account.

Be sure to look at your overall following count and follower growth. Consider which posts have the most views, likes, comments and shares.

Think about the content of those posts as well as when you shared them. Then, you can use that information to make sure that you share more helpful social media posts in the future.

Get Online

Marketing solar services doesn’t require a huge budget or a ton of skills. If you know how to use social media networks, you can post content and utilize short ad campaigns.

As you learn more about how it works, you can optimize your posts to boost engagement and encourage people to buy from you. Then, you can watch your sales and revenue grow.

Ready to start marketing with social media? Check out our services page to learn how we can help!