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If you don’t have a digital solar strategy in 2020, then you will miss out on the next gold rush.

The solar industry is about to explode in growth and the difference between the successful and not successful companies will have to do with how they market themselves online.

A few mind boggling statistics:

As of the end of 2018, the U.S. had 64.2 GW of installed solar–enough to power 12.3 million American homes. — 10.6GW in 2018 alone.

Solar has ranked either first or second in capacity added to the U.S. electric total every year since 2013.

American solar power offsets over 70 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, which is like planting almost 1.2 billion trees.

America has over 242,000 solar workers — more than the coal, oil, and natural gas industries combined.

Solar panel efficiency has increased from 6% in 1954 to over 40% on high-efficiency panels today.

More than half of Americans (52–57%) in America’s most coal-reliant states say they would be willing to buy solar panels if they could recover the investment in 5 years.

See more stats here.

It is an exciting time for the Solar Industry.

The way Solar companies grew from 2010–2019 will not be as effective in 2020 and beyond.

Let’s explore what worked in the past, and why it won’t work as well tomorrow.

Direct Response Marketing

Television Ads


Magazines & Newspapers

Direct Mailers


While the internet was still maturing, these forms of communication still worked because the attention of the boomer generation was still here. The homeowners with the buying decision were watching television, subscribing to newspaper/magazines, listening to the radio, and answering their house phone. Their children (Millennials-who are becoming Homeowners ) were on the internet.

Times have changed.

Your Grandma is on Facebook.

Your Mom is on Instagram.

You watch YouTube & Netflix more than Television

Your Uncle Joe is tweeting.

Without a LinkedIn profile, you can’t find a job.

The attention of the consumer is shifting to the internet. If you don’t follow the attention of the consumer, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Door to door is great if:

You have top notch door knockers.

Your recruitment is finely polished to where you can handle the high turnover rate.

You have loyal door knockers that won’t go to your competitor for a higher % of the spread.

You can afford to pay them really well.

The market isn’t saturated.

You’re fine with unpredictable future revenue.

If you can’t check all of those boxes, then D2D is only going to get harder. Why is that?

As the Solar industry shifts to digital, more and more Solar companies will start building their brand via Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertisement campaigns, and more. The homeowner, sitting on their patio scrolling their Facebook via their iPad, will see Solar ads. They will Google “how to go solar” or “benefits of going solar”. They will tell their spouse at dinner or their friends at the kids soccer practice. If their neighbor has solar panels they will go ask them about it.

So now, when your sales rep knocks, the homeowner will have a choice to make — Do they trust this random guy/gal talking about zero down and electricity savings? Or do they politely say “No thank you”, pull out their iPhone, and Google “best solar company near me”?

Even if you’ve been knocking for more than a decade, you know the answer.

Lead vendors are companies that sell you leads. There are hundreds of them. Think Home Advisor, Angies List, wavesolar, etc.

If you’ve dealt with lead vendors you know that, for the most part, they suck.

The leads get called by dozens of your competitors

They don’t know who you are.

They don’t know your brand.

They are most likely upset from the last bloke who called them.

They don’t convert well.

Can’t predict future revenue growth.

What about buying “exclusive leads?” How do you know for sure that they’re exclusive? Is it worth paying $100+ for them?

You may be asking, “How can I bring my Solar company online? How Can I build my brand? How can I generate exclusive, online leads?”

The answer?

It depends.

Most of the “marketing experts” filling up your inbox will send you a wall of text that goes something like:

Hi <name>, My name is John and I’m an expert in <google/fb/instagram/webdev/funnels/ads etc>. We provide <value> and can generate “cheap leads” and know the Solar industry very well! Let’s please discuss how running Facebook ads will grow your business — blahblahblahblah —

You get it. Cookie Cutter solutions to problems that you may or may not have.

The strategies that work for you will depend on on your current bottlenecks as well as your goals. Where is your company at now? Where do you want to go? Can you even handle an influx of leads?

(Tip — If a “marketing guru” doesn’t get to know you and your business, while word vomiting their services, run. for. the. hills.)

If you don’t embrace the digital wave that’s about to turn the Solar Industry into a gold mine, then you’ll be left in the dust.

The attention of Boomers & the aging Millennials are on the internet. The Solar industry is catching on and things are changing every day.

What got you here, won’t get you there.

My name is Michael Zampiglia and I’m the Co Founder & CEO of Z4 Solar. We’re a Digital Marketing Agency that works exclusively in the Solar Industry.

If you’d like to learn about some digital solar strategies that can help your business, find me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email: [email protected]

Peace! cool